Bambi was released to go with the movie of the same name. He was introduced in 1978, the same yearย 

Bambi dispenser web

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.


The same mold for this dispenser was also used for Rudolph, only Rudolph's nose is red, while Bambi's was painted black. He can be found with and without feet. A version with the WDP (Walt Disney Pictures) copyright also exists, like Thumper. This version is quite difficult to find.

John LaSpina's Variety GuideEdit

  • Dark Brown Face, With Copyright
  • Light Brown Face, With Copyright
  • Dark Brown Face, Without Copyright
  • Light Brown Face, Without Copyright
  • Light Brown Face, Without Copyright (With Feet)

Bambi BEdit

Bambi was re-released in 2009. This version was a lot more detailed than the first.

Bambi 2009 in Package

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