Disney is one of the most popular series for Pez. Of course, the first Disney item made by Pez was Mickey Mouse with a die-cut stem & face. That version is worth from $75-$150. The original Mickey was soon followed by Pluto the dog, and Donald Duck in 1961. The first movie Disney dispenser was Pinocchio. An interesting fact is that many of the older Disney Pez, released in the '60s and '70s, were not retired until the early 1990s. The Li'l Bad Wolf Pez dispenser,released in 1965, for example, had a retail lifespan long enough to have "feet", the plastic piece on the bottom of the dispenser base. They began making Pez with feet sometime in 1987. Disney Pez can still be found today. The current Mickey Mouse & friends dispensers are packaged in cards based on the popular show "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."