The Easter Bunny is one of the first holiday dispensers created. It has gone through numerous design changes. The Third design, called the Fat Ear Bunny, comes in different colors. Within these colors are different shades of that color. The different basic colors are yellow, pink, and salmon.

Here are the different Easter Bunnies made. The versions are listed in letter order with the original bunny being Bunny "A", the second version being Bunny "B", and so fourth. The year it appeared in stores and when it was discontinued is also included. Some years may be guesses so there is a question mark after the year:

Bunny A, all yellow face, no feet 1958-1960? Bunny B, all yellow face, no feet 1960?-1964? Bunny B, die-cut stem, no feet 1962? Bunny C, fat ears, no feet 1964-1987 Bunny C, with feet 1987-1990 Bunny D, with feet 1990-1996 Bunny E, with feet 1996?-2009? Bunny F, with feet 2009-2012 Bunny G, with feet 2012-current

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