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Olive Oyl is a character from the comic strip Thimble Theater, by Elzie Crisler, which revolved around the members of the Oyl-family. After ten years, Popeye was introduced into the strip and eventually the strip came to revolve around him, as did the animated cartoons that followed. Olive Oyl is his girlfriend, but she also enjoys the attention of Bluto. When Bluto goes as far as trying to kidnap her, though, she cries to Popeye for help.

Model Edit

The model of Olive Oyl, her head with painted black hair, was first released in 1966, to create a Popeye set.

  • This is a feetless dispenser, made in Austria, patent 2.620.061, with on the side of the head the copyright notice: "KING FEATURES SYND., INC. ©".
    • Red stem.
    • Yellow stem.

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