Ringmaster (PEZ Pal) Edit

The ringmaster is the entertainer in the circus who sets the mood during the show. He is in direct conversation with the audience, introducing the separate acts and tieing the elements of the show together. Even a kids' circus will have a ringmaster, often mimicking in the extreme the drawn-out style of a ringmaster's introductions.

Model Edit

The model was introduced as part of the PEZ pals set in 1974.

It's Pezi wearing a ringmaster's costume: a

- Large black handlebar mustache

- Top hat (white or grey) with a red band (can be solid red, or semi-translucent with darker red speckles)

- Bow tie (bow tie can be bright white, cream or semi-translucent/milky) ---NOTE---

This pal is very commonly found without his mustache. This piece is very fragile and can break easily or was removed by a child.
*** Be aware that there are reproduction mustaches being circulated. Easy identifiers for these are rough textures or jagged turns in the mustache***

While there are many variations of the Ringmaster Pez Pal, they are set into 2 categories:

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